Challenge NZ going green

Challenge NZ is one of a consortium of Nelson companies working to establish a certified centre of excellence for marine and general engineering.

A Green Port for Black Boats

green port

"Our intention is to develop an environmentally sustainable port in New Zealand," explains Nevil Basalaj, owner of the Challenge NZ group of companies. "We will build, service and refit commercial and workboat vessels, as well as working on other projects across several industries. We will provide modern facilities, which minimise the carbon footprint and maximise the toxic containment of this important service industry".

Certainly these are nice words. But what does it all mean in practice - right here, right now?

It means we are on a journey, constantly checking our work habits to see where we can make them more environmentally friendly. Some of the steps are little steps, like those we are all making at home - recycling our paper, using more email and less paper, encouraging our staff to walk and cycle to work.

Other steps are  bigger and require a change of thinking amongst ourselves and our customers - like changing to water soluble oils that can be used in all manner of hydraulic equipment including those machines used in food preparation. Some of the big steps might take several years to implement - like incorporating passive solar design and solar water heating into our new buildings. But we are committed to incorporating envionmental sustainability into all our future thinking.

Where do we start?

  • Using  synthetic, food grade hydraulic oils, which are water soluble
  • All waste oil is recycled
  • All paint is contained in marine painting, and safely disposed of
  • Fuel economy will become an important factor in new boat design
  • As much as possible, we communicate by email rather than on paper