Our Role

The goal of Challenge New Zealand is to provide a complete customer solution with a seamless team approach. 

Challenge New Zealand is owned by a consortium of companies, each maintaining their individual brands in the local market but working as a team on projects which require technical expertise across several industry sectors. Each hand-picked company brings the highest standard of work ethic in each of their speciality fields.



Our Place

The Nelson economy is based on the 'big four' industries:


There are also a range of growth industries, including aviation, engineering technology, environmental science, oil, gas and aquaculture.


Challenge New Zealand provides the group with marketing and project management services as well as governance, health and safety standards and HR assistance.

Our companies follow "Best Business Practice" and therefore you can be confident of being treated fairly and ethically in all business dealings you may have with us.




Port Nelson is the biggest fishing port in Australasia, and offers a full range of marine support services. Challenge NZ can assist with all the formalities of border control, customs, pilotage, accommodation and providoring.



 Nevil Basalaj, Challenge NZ
Nevil Basalaj, Owner of Challenge NZ




Nelson is an ideal blend of lifestyle and stunning landscape at the Northwestern corner of the South Island. Our region runs from the Northern edge of the Southern Alps, across fertile plains and out to a great sweep of beaches. Nelson enjoys a mild and settled climate, with the highest sunshine hours anywhere in New Zealand, ideal for marine work and maintenance.

Our People


Nevil Basalaj - Owner of Challenge New Zealand


Phone:  (64) 3 546 7800      Mobile:  0274 460289

Challenge Marine was started in 1986 by Nevil Basalaj. Nevil has spent his whole life around boats -his father was a fisherman, who had immigrated at the age of five from Russia.  As a boy, Nevil went to sea as a deckie on his father’s boats.  He became a tradesman and did his time at Naulder and Biddle in Port Nelson.  After finishing his trade apprenticeship he went back to sea with Solander Fisheries as a marine engineer.

When Nevil returned from his stint at sea, he started Challenge Marine Ltd and used what he had learned as a ship’s engineer to help build the company during the hey-days of the Orange Roughy and Hoki fisheries. The company focused on re-fitting and re-configuring fishing vessels and this was something Nevil knew well.  

Today, Nevil owns several engineering companies and is leading the initiative for Port Nelson to become the first "Green Port" in New Zealand.